1606, 2023

Hoe het weer werkt

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Het is weer zover… Het orkaan én regenseizoen hebben zich weer aangekondigd. Al een paar dagen is er geen zuchtje wind voelbaar en de nachten zijn voorzien van heerlijke regen op de daken. Maar ik vind het genoeg geweest. Na een paar dagen van tricks visualiseren en lesmethoden uitdenken lijkt het zover. Er zal een briesje staan. Met mijn high volume directional en wave kite ga ik het water op. 
Ik ben alleen…. Opeens wordt de lucht koeler en wordt het wat donkerder. Ik kijk achter me en zie wat regenwolken en glimlach. Met regen komt wind… en... een regenboog! Ik kijk naar de punt van mijn directional en zie het [...]

1912, 2020

Buying A Second Hand Kite

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Buying a second hand kite can be a bit tricky unless you know exactly what you are looking for, so let's make that happen! Do you want a new kite? If you immediately want to have that Christmas feeling and want to pump up that fresh smelling, crispy kite now now now… Than you need to go hunting for a new kite for yourself… Or… actually… maybe for your girlfriend… -hint, hint, hint…-. You can decide on buying a second hand kite to get good and confident in your riding. Above all before subjecting your ‘New-Expensive-Precious’ to your skills. Chances are that the kite will be the first kite for [...]

504, 2020

Is Kiteboarding Dangerous?

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If kiteboarding is dangerous? Well, the most important of all is that almost everybody can learn to ride. Women, men, young and old. Even if you are not the fittest tool in the shed you can learn kiteboarding. A 3 year old has already been spotted kiteboarding. All you need to be able to kiteboard is to be comfortable at swimming, not be scared of water and know to have fun no matter what you do. Kiteboarding looks spectacular and to some very sensible people it looks dangerous to soar a few seconds with the kite, also when an accident happens it is often pretty big news. Due to the [...]

2911, 2019

The weather on Curacao

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For the weather on Curacao are going at it again.. the hurricane- ánd rain seasons have announced themselves. For a couple of days already there isn’t a single breeze to be felt and the nights are filled with this beautiful sound of rain on our roofs. But its been long overdue. After days of visualising tricks and analysing my lesson methods it it finally seems to be happening.. there will be a breeze. With my high volume directional and lovely wave kite I enter the water. I’m all by myself. All of the sudden the air cools down and everything darkens a bit. I look behind me and see some rainclouds [...]

304, 2019

The Twintip Kiteboard

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We see them often… Those big question marks in their eyes when we ask them what kind of twintip kiteboard they have. For all they know all kiteboards are the same… Actually, even better yet.. they have it because they liked the colour of the board. When they offer us a look at the board we already hope it’s not the shiny one, prominently draped on one of our couches. We look at their happy faces while the wave their shiny board in our faces while showing off their little tiny ‘blades’, nicely placed ‘groves’, and when they turn around the board to show us their nice green ‘slippers’ giving us [...]

703, 2019

How the Kite flies

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How does the kite fly? It has been slamming onto the water for over 30 minutes now… While Yoël has been calling out for about the same amount of time already… All I have been hearing is… “Release the bar!!” Bwwwhhaaaammmmm “Let go of the bar!!” Frrrrrrrttttt Bammmmm “Not the orange line!” Crashhhh. It's my day off, but it isn’t Yoël’s. That beautiful first lesson... I turn around in my hammock and return to reading my book. When about 1 hour later I realize that they are quiet, no slamming and no calling. I lower the side of my hammock and turn to check on them.. The kite flies stable [...]

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