3 Day Course

Beginners Kiteboarding Course

During this course we will secure your kitetechnique. Using this technique you will get up on the board.

1 student | 3 x 2 hours | € 440,- $ 460.- ƒ 825,-
2 students | 3 x 3 hours | € 710,- $ 750,- ƒ 1.340,-

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Day 1

A very fun and salty introduction to kiteboarding.

  • Wind Theory

  • Kite Setup

  • Safety System

  • Kite Control

  • Power Strokes

Day 2

Progress Check of what you’ve Learned your Previous Kiteboarding Lesson

  • Kite Control

  • Water Relaunch

  • Power Strokes

  • Body Drag

  • Boardstarts

Day 3

Progress Check of what you’ve Learned your Previous Lesson to Learn How to Ride

  • Self-Rescue

  • Power Strokes

  • Boardstarts

  • Kiteboard

  • Everyone has their own speed in learning how to kiteboard. Therefor the courses’ daily schedule might be different from what is shown.
    Our Courses Include: Full kitesurf set | BBTalkin Radio’s | Water Shoes | UV- Shirt | Sunscreen
    Optional: Pick-UP & Drop-Off service | Video Lesson Analysis

After the course

After the course you are able to set up the kite and properly use it the same way we all do. Also will you be able to get up on the board and ride short distances. The next step is securing your technique to change direction and stop controlled.


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