5 04, 2020

Is Kiteboarding Dangerous?

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If kiteboarding is dangerous? Well, the most important of all is that almost everybody can learn to ride. Women, men, young and old. Even if you are not the fittest tool in the shed you can learn kiteboarding. A 3 year old has already been spotted kiteboarding. All you need to be able to kiteboard is to be comfortable at swimming, not be scared of water and know to have fun no matter what you do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTej8rm6yP4&t=140s Kiteboarding looks spectacular and to some very sensible people it looks dangerous to soar a [...]

4 07, 2018

Kiteboarding spots of Curacao

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About the Kiteboarding spots of Curacao. Where to kitesurf on Curacao? Curacao is, in more then one way a gem of an island with some nice kiteboarding spots. It is not the typical tropical island with long sandy beaches and coconut trees all over the place, but an unique piece of nature with loads of cacti and lots of lava rock.. Curacao has 3 kiteboard spots, with the main spot to kitesurf being St. Joris Bay. It has secluded dark to white sandy beaches, rugged nature spots, calm to rough sea’s, delicious [...]

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