2309, 2018

Kitesurfing Holiday Accommodation

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When you are planning your kitesurfing holidays on Curacao you'll also need to plan your Kitesurfing Holiday Accommodation. Preferably nearby the St. Joris Bay with a nice ambiance, relaxing atmosphere and good facilities. There are two we highly recommend. "Bed and Breakfast Hacienda La Bougainville" and "The Pearl Of The Caribbean". Both very reasonably priced and situated within a five minute drive from the St. Joris Bay. Each Kitesurfing Holiday Accommodation has it's own character. B&B Hacienda La Bougainville The nice and quiet B&B Hacienda La Bougainville is the perfect Kitesurfing Holiday Lodging on the road to the St. Joris Baai just beside the Aloe Vera Plantage. It has 5 spacious 2 person apartments [...]

407, 2018

Kiteboarding spots of Curacao

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About the Kiteboarding spots of Curacao. Where to kitesurf on Curacao? Curacao is, in more then one way a gem of an island with some nice kiteboarding spots. It is not the typical tropical island with long sandy beaches and coconut trees all over the place, but an unique piece of nature with loads of cacti and lots of lava rock.. Curacao has 3 kiteboard spots, with the main spot to kitesurf being St. Joris Bay. It has secluded dark to white sandy beaches, rugged nature spots, calm to rough sea’s, delicious and comfortable food, a rich culture and lovely people. It is in one of the rugged nature spots where [...]

1806, 2018

The Kiteboarding Kite

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You have just finished your kiteboarding lessons at the nicest kiteboarding spot on Curaçao with Awa Salu Kiteboarding Curacao, and have decided that, in between face planting during water start practice, doing the downwind scoot, over stalling your kite over and over again, and being a great amusement for your instructor, you are hooked on this great watersport called kitesurfing. You have just rolled and stuffed our kiteboarding kite into its bag and have collected your snotty towel. This of course after rinsing your sinuses with loads of salty St. Joris Bay water, because you got yourself into a watersport that definitely will not make you forget the taste of [...]

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