St. Joris Bay Curaçao

The Spot St. Joris Bay

The St. Joris Bay is a natural lake at the east side of the island Curaçao. It’s connected to the Caribbean Sea so the water is salty.  The area is undeveloped and unspoiled. The St. Joris Bay is  a typical Sea life nursery and you will surely encounter some turtles during your kiteboarding lessons. The Spot St. Joris is the kiteboarding launch and land area which is situated at the North-West part of the Bay. (just follow the dirt road past the Ostrich Farm). There you will also find Awa Salu Kiteboarding. The surrounding Sea-Area of The Spot is about 1.5 meter deep and is excellent for taking your first kiteboarding lessons. The water temperature is about 27 degrees celsius year-round (no need for a wet-suit) and there are almost no tide differences and currents.

Wind Conditions

The Eastern Trade Winds assure you of the best possible circumstances to start your kiteboarding adventure. These trade winds will blow year-round except for October and November when the winds are usually moderate to light.

Other Stuff besides Kiteboarding

The St. Joris Bay also has it’s own windsurfing village, hiking and mountain bike trails, quad trails, a motocross circuit and at the entrance of the Bay you can even surf on some rare days when all the factors are júst right.