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Awa Salu Kiteboarding

Awa Salu (Salt Water) Kiteboarding Kitesurfing School  is located at the beautiful St. Joris Bay on the island Curaçao. The eastern trade winds combined with the sunny climate and clear shallow water make this the ideal spot for watersports like Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling (Supping), Surfing, Sailing, Wakeboarding and Kayaking. It’s by far the best spot on the Island where to learn how to Kitesurf or work on your Kitesurfing progression.

Kitesurfing Lessons

Awa Salu Kiteboarding offers 5  kitesurfing lesson packages. From a Single 2 hour kitesurfing lesson to a 5 Day kitesurfing course.
The kitesurfing lessons will be held on different days at the St. Joris Bay so you have plenty of time to rest and absorb all what you’ll learn. You’ll need about 3 to 5 lessons to be able to handle your kite by yourself safely. If you’re serious about learning how to kitesurf we strongly advice you to book the 5 Day Course.

For the whole Family

Whether you are 80 or 8 years old, you can learn how to Kiteboard. We don’t really have an age minimum but you should weigh at least 40 kg (88 lbs). We are offering special “Kids Kiteboarding Lessons”  with adjusted material.

Online Booking

In order to be sure of your kitesurfing lessons we strongly advise you to book your kiteboarding lessons upfront. So let us know when you are staying on the island and in which kitesurfing lesson or kitesurfing course you’re interested.

Gear / Equipment

You are going to use the latest gear for your lessons and you will be in constant contact with your experienced instructor through our BBtalking radios. We provide everything you’ll need except sunscreen, glasses (if you want to use them), a t-shirt and something to drink and eat.

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 Assure Yourself Of Your Lessons and Book Your Kiteboarding Lessons Online!

1 Day
Single Lesson

ANG 250,- | USD 140.-
2 hours

ANG 400,- | USD 220.-
3 hours


3 Day

ANG 675,- | USD 380.-
3 x 2 hours

ANG 1100,- | USD 620.-
3 x 3 hours

Beginners Course
Recommended if you know the basics of handling a kite

4 Day

ANG 900,- | USD 500.-
4 x 2 hours

ANG 1450,- | USD 820.-
4 x 3 hours

Complete Beginners Course
You will be able to kite short distances safely

5 Day

ANG 1125,- | USD 625.-
5 x 2 hours

ANG 1800 | USD 1000
5 x 3 hours

Ultimate Beginners Course
Ride upwind and start to make turns

Pick Up and Drop Off Service

We are offering an attractively priced Pick Up and Drop Off Service when you are staying on Bandariba (East Side of the Island) so it’s not even necessary to arrange your own transport.

 Gear Rental After Your Course

After you finished your course you can start to pratice independently. You can use our gear and equipment for a reduced rental price.

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