Our Kiteboarding Gear and Equipment

Our kiteschool is providing you with the latest high quality kiteboarding gear and equipment on the market today to make your kite-experience  as easy, fun and  safe as possible. Our radio-system will ensure you that you will learn how to kite in no-time. Of course you can also bring your own kiteboarding gear and equipment. If you do we will offer you a reduced price for your kiteboarding lessons. See lessons for the prices.

Peter Lynn Swell V4

A kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad. The balanced Hybrid/SLE shape of the Swell is designed to be stable and offers the precise and responsive handling that both wave chargers and free riders demand.

BbTALKIN Headsets

Clear communication all over your course with our two way radios.
It’s not only safe but it will shoot your learning curve way up. The surf-hat will give you the necessary protection from UV damage.

Lieuwe Awesome

When you start kiteboarding, you just want a little extra volume that keeps you floating, a little push in the back that keeps you going upwind, a boards that makes it all feel easy and give you a comfortable ride to make you feel the king of the world!

lieuwe awesome

Mystc Star Hybrid Harness

The Mystic Star Hybrid Harness is a new take on Kiteboarding harness design and is an important part of the kiteboarding gear and equipment : it is clean, simple, lightweight, and offers freedom of movement that surpasses anything currently on the market.

We have maintained a clean and functional design, no unnecessary cosmetic items will be found on this harness. It is a very comfortable fitting shape with extra soft foam padding, designed to be worn tight for ideal load transfer to the body. Its sleek lines and carefully sculpted shape mean that riding in board shorts is a rash/rub free experience.