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Buying A Second Hand Kite

Buying a second hand kite can be a bit tricky unless you know exactly what you are looking for, so let’s make that happen!

Do you want a new kite? If you immediately want to have that Christmas feeling and want to pump up that fresh smelling, crispy kite now now now… Than you need to go hunting for a new kite for yourself… Or… actually… maybe for your girlfriend… -hint, hint, hint…-.

You can decide on buying a second hand kite to get good and confident in your riding. Above all before subjecting your ‘New-Expensive-Precious’ to your skills.
Chances are that the kite will be the first kite for many more skills in the future, if it of course survives your antics…
You will, after a while, know better what you are looking for when buying a new kite. The only down side is that you need to know how to do a quick survey of the state of the kite and bar.

Buying secondhand kite gear survey


Make sure that..

  • The kite is preferably not more than 4 years old.
  • Secondly the trailing edge doesn’t look too unhealthy (sign of kite wear).
  • Also the canopy does not feel too soft and silky and is free of holes or wear.
  • The stitches underneath the leading edge are not worn.
  • The strut-leading edge attachments are intact and the stitches are not giving out.
  • The pump hoses are not melting and sticky.
  • Check all the strings for wear and tear.
  • Leave it pumped up for a while to check if it doesn’t deflate or lose air.
  • Finally check 2nd hand sites for normal secondhand prices for that year.



  • For corrosion on metal parts.
  • If the depower system will work for you and doesn’t get stuck.
  • The quick release system. To check this, when activating the system, let someone pull the steering lines. It should not get stuck.
  • All the lines for (starting) breakage and knots in the lines.
  • If the hole thru the bar has no sharp edges.
  • The powerlines that go true the bar for wear and tear.
  • If you can reengage the chicken loop easily enough.
  • If the line pairs are the same length.

Some things can be easily fixed by replacement. If the bar is not safe, you can check with the dealer for a new bar.

Are you a local on Curacao, and looking on buying a secondhand kite or other gear? Feel free to check in with Awa Salu.
We’ve got refurbished secondhand latest year kites up for test and sale.

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