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Awesome, that’s how kiting feels for the first time. When you progress, you think about your first backrolls, jumps, turns and just about cruising around. This board is exactly made for that, easy upwind abilities, enough volume to go steady and a perfect flex pattern so chop can’t bother you no more. Just so you don’t have to think about your board or going upwind and it all feels like going on its own.

  • Sizes: 134 x | 138 x | 145 x | 150 x
  • Disciplines: Cruizing | Freeride | Progress

Yes, we can see that smile on your face! You kinda learned how to kite and you feel like you’re on love potion. The ease of this board will keep you in that rush and makes it all feel child’s play. (We’re not kidding). Start of with the best board!

Equipped with a flexible Wood-core and a slightly less rocker, makes it very easy to go upwind and build up some adrenaline and speed. The 3D shape was engineered to stay on track almost automatically. Basically, it offers everything to put your kiteboarding career on the fast track. Awesome right?

So, Sunny Kiter! If you just like to cruise around and do some backrolls, you don’t want to think about having to walk upwind. This board is made to cruise against to wind so don’t worry.


  • Light Weight
  • Light wind Performance
  • 3D Wood-core
  • Upwind Performance
  • Single Concave
  • Customisable to your wishes!
  • Incl. Handle and Fins
    - 45 mm Fins - Perfect grip for your perfect ride. More grip for upwind performance and less need for hard edging. Make sure you mount your board with the 45mm when going for the BIG air Megaloops!
    - 30 mm Fins - Great for doing (wakestyle) tricks. The board will slide more across the water gives you more room to recover from bad landings and land more tricks. However, you will have less grip during riding when you are not edging.


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