Kiteboarding Trip to Klein Curaçao

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“Klein Curaçao” is NOT a Kite Center. When you visit us without notice whe could be Landboarding or Paragliding at the North Coast or we could be Kiteboarding at the St. Joris Bay. Please Book Your Kiteboarding Lessons Up Front!

Kiteboarding Trip to Klein Curacao

We are offering a Kiteboarding Trip to Klein Curacao.
Klein Curacao is a small island on the South-East Side of Curacao.  It’s uninhabited, got a lovely sandy beach at the West Side, beautiful clear blue flat water and lots of wind.

Klein Curacao is the ideal kiteboarding spot when you are able to kite upwind. We can arrange a day trip or an overnight if you prefer.
The morning and evening kiteboarding sessions are the best and there are several ways to go there.

Because of the off-shore wind conditions we always make sure there’s a rescue boat in case you’ll need one.

Ways to go there

Of course we go by boat and there are several boating companies who can take us there. We can go the quickest way with Powerboat Caribbean, a little slower with Desperado Boattrips or Fish Charter Curacao  or we can sail there with Alumasailing.

Contact / Booking

Just let us know when you book your kiteboarding lessons that you are interested in a Kiteboarding Trip to Klein Curacao and we will check the available boats. You can also contact us by our contact form or send us an Email 

Other Things to Do

Besides Kiteboarding you can have a lovely Snorkel Experience, walk around the Island, visit the Lighthouse and Shipwreck on the other side of the Island, go Fishing and Sunbathe of course.

kiteboarding trip klein curacao
klein curacao kitesurfing
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