Kids Kiteboarding Lessons

Kids Kiteboarding Lessons

Awa Salu Kiteboarding Kitesurfing School is specialized in Kids Kiteboarding Lessons. They need a little extra care but usually learn how to Kiteboard very fast. The emphasis lies in “having fun” and we’ll teach them playfully.

Extra Care Different Terms

We are using helmets and impact vests for the Kids Kiteboarding Lessons. Short depower systems and we are using different terms to explain how all is working.


Of course we are also using our BbTALKIN Radios during our Kids Kiteboarding Lessons. Using Radios is safe and they will learn how to Kiteboard much faster than without.


The kid really wants to learn how to kite and has to be a confident swimmer. Minimum age 8 years, just a tad bit younger? Give us a little call to discuss the possibilities.

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 Assure Yourself Of Your Kiteboarding Lessons And Book Online!

Kids Lessons | 8-13 years

– Always the lowest price –

€ 90,- | $ 125,- | ƒ 225,-
1.5 – 2 hours

Please contact us to discuss possibilities

Pick Up and Drop Off Service

We are offering an attractively priced Pick Up and Drop Off Service when you are staying on Bandariba (East Side of the Island) so it’s not even necessary to arrange your own transport.

 Gear Rental After Your Course

After you finished your course you can start to pratice independently. You can use our gear and equipment for a reduced rental price.