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     4 Day Kiteboarding Course

    awasalu kiteboarding lessons curacao

    Complete Beginners Kiteboarding Course

    When you want to learn how to kiteboard from scratch without basic kiteboarding knowledge  .

    1 Person | 4 x 2 hours | ANG 900,- (USD 500.-)
    2 Persons | 4 x 3 hours | ANG 1450,- (USD 820.-)

    Assure Yourself Of Your Lessons and Book Online!
    Pick-Up & Drop Off Service | Video Analysis

     4 Day Kiteboarding Course

    Our 4 Day Kiteboarding Course at the Spot St. Joris Bay Curacao is the shortest complete kiteboarding course “from scratch”.
    You will learn how to kiteboard safely in 4 kiteboarding lessons which are being spread out over 4 days.

    2 Hours a Day for 4 Days for 1 Person Lessons and 3 Hours a Day for 4 Days for 2 Person kiteboarding lessons. Our 2-way BbTALKIN communication system will ensure you that you will have constant contact with your instructor and that you will learn how to kiteboard quickly.

    After finishing your kiteboarding course you will be able to practice your kiteboarding skills in a safe way independently.

    It’s possible to have your lessons filmed for your own analysis and we offer you a Pick Up and Drop Off service so you don’t have to arrange your own transport to come to the St. Joris Bay Curacao. When you’ve finished your kiteboarding course and you are able to kite upwind we can also arrange a kite day-trip for you to the beautiful island Klein Curaçao.

    Have Fun & Book Now!

    Day 1

    Allround Check of your Kiteboarding Board and Kite Handling Skills

    ✓ Wind Theory
    ✓ Safety Systems
    ✓ Kite Setup
    ✓ Kite Control
    ✓ Water Relaunch

    Day 2

    Remembrance Check of what you’ve Learned your Previous Kiteboarding Lesson

    ✓ Self Rescue
    Body Dragging Without Board
    Body Dragging With Board

    ✓ Power Strokes

    Day 3

    Remembrance Check of what you’ve Learned your Previous Kiteboarding Lessons

    ✓ Right Of Way Rules
    Launch and Land
    Water Start

    Day 4

    Remembrance Check of what you’ve Learned your Previous Lessons

    ✓ Riding Downwind
    Ready To Practice Independently

    Everyone has their own speed in learning how to kiteboard. Therefore the courses daily schedule might be different from what is shown.

    Our Courses Include: Switch Element Kite & Connect Bar | BBTalkin Radio’s | Shinn Pinbot BoardOzone Water Connect Harness | Water Shoes

    Optional: Pick-UP & Drop-Off service (when you’re staying at the East Side) | Video Lesson Analysis | Kiteboarding Trip to Klein Curaçao

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