1 Day Single Lesson

For any Level of Kiteboarding Experience

A Single Kiteboarding Lesson as an introduction / refresher to the sport or for working on your intermediate kiteboarding skills.

1 student | 1 x 2 hours | € 140,- $ 150,- ƒ 275,-
2 students | 1 x 3 hours | € 225,- $ 250,- ƒ 450,-

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1 Day Single Kiteboarding Lesson

Our Single Kiteboarding lesson at the Spot St. Joris Bay Curacao is suited for all levels of experience. It can be a beginners introduction lesson or a lesson to improve your kiteboarding skills as an intermediate/advanced rider.

As an introduction lesson it will give you a good impression of the kiteboarding sport and if you’re hooked you can book a 3 Day Course after to learn how to kiteboard.

As an intermediate/advanced lesson you can work on your kiteboarding skills or that particular trick that you really want to learn or, when you didn’t kite for a long time, take it as a refresher lesson.

The kiteboarding lesson will take 2 Hours on 1 Days for a private lesson(1 person) and 3 Hours on 1 Days for a 2 Person kiteboarding lesson. Our 2-way communication system will ensure you that you will have constant contact with your instructor.

It’s possible to have your lesson filmed for your own analysis and we offer you a Pick-Up and Drop-Off service so you don’t have to arrange your own transport to come to the St. Joris Bay Curacao. When you are able to kite upwind we can also arrange a kite day-trip for you to the beautiful island Klein Curaçao.

Single Introduction Lesson

Beginners Kiteboarding Introduction Lesson

  • Kite Setup
  • Safety Systems
  • Kite Control
  • Water Relaunch
  • Power Strokes

Intermediate and Advanced Lesson

You can choose what to work on according to your level.

  • Kiteboarding Tricks
  • Transitions
  • Stay Upwind
  • Safety Clinic